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Day One keeps you connected wherever life takes you next.

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Gain access to a top-tier network of former Amazonians to help you grow.
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A diverse, inclusive alumni ecosystem

Our Mission

Day One provides former Amazonians with access to a network of your peers, other former Amazonians, who seek connection, community, and more.

We support former Amazonians who traded in their blue badges willingly, or otherwise, for wherever life takes them next. We leverage the Amazon Alumni talent pool to create unfair advantages for the community we support.

We're the go-to community for Amazon Alumni around the world to engage and support one another.

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Our Why

We start our Amazon career engrained with Amazon's LPs and grow into understanding what it takes to deliver delightful experiences that can change the world for millions, or billions, of people.

Yet, when we leave Amazon, collaborating with the same brilliant minds becomes harder. We love engaging with talented former Amazonians, as for many of us, our time at Amazon is a springboard to something even greater in the future.

We believe there should be more ways to stay connected with these brilliant minds in life post-Amazon. If you are interested in connecting with a community of peers through our Slack group, attending in person events, or just supporting one another, we hope you will join us.
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What people say about us

"They're one of the rare investors that’s actually helpful. Get them on your cap table—that’s the only advice I can give you."

Kevin Lin, Founder of Dendron (and former AWS engineer)

"The combination of their great advice and wide network of corporate partners/investors is exactly what our B2B SaaS startup was looking for."

Elena Zhizhimontova, Co-Founder of Spiral (and former Alexa for FireTV engineer)

"They’ve been incredible at making introductions and connections to exactly the right people whenever I’ve needed help."

Will Gordon, Co-Founder of Latchel (and former Prime Now Product Manager)

Trusted by great companies.
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