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Elena Zhizhimontova


Spiral turns customer feedback into actionable insights. No more manually chasing down issues.

Their machine learning tool scans customer support data like emails and online chats to detect emerging problems before they blow up.

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will gordon funding
Will Gordon


Resident services that elevate the resident experience & increase revenue.

Latchel offers a concierge service to residents for every in-home need. Property managers can increase their revenue and build a maintenance coordination process that scales.

blokable housing
Aaron Holm


Building at lower cost, higher quality, and in less time, Blokable creates real estate equity.

Blokable’s unique process and product significantly reduce the cost and time required to create and operate new multi-family housing.

Kevin Lin


The personal knowledge management (PKM) tool that grows as you do.

Find relationships and hierarchies between your notes. Dendron makes it easy to add, find and share anything in seconds, regardless of how much information you have.

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Mentorship for new founder from Amazon

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